Higher Bond

Higher Bond

Higher Bond

Revolutionizing Christian Dating with Faith-Centered Design

Work type

  • UX / UI Design

  • Product Strategy


In a world where dating apps often prioritize quantity over quality, Higher Bond emerges as a beacon for Christians seeking meaningful relationships grounded in shared values. Launched in 2022, Higher Bond wanted to address the challenges faced by Christians in the digital dating landscape, focusing on deep compatibility and genuine connections. For doing that they needed a team that would come in and did the UX/UI design for their mobile app.


Signup Process: Crafting a signup process that is thorough yet user-friendly, balancing the need for comprehensive onboarding with an engaging user experience.

Compatibility Score: Developing an intuitive and informative way to display compatibility scores, helping users understand the basis of their potential matches.

User Interactions: Innovating interaction options beyond standard chatting and favoriting, allowing users to like specific aspects of other profiles, enhancing engagement and connection.


Our strategy together with our client was a masterclass in user-focused design:


In-Depth Onboarding

Integrating KYC within the signup process, encompassing faith and personality questions. This extended onboarding ensures users meet the app's standards and are ready to engage upon entering the app.


Visual Compatibility Indicators

Designing a clear visual representation of compatibility scores, highlighting the top three factors contributing to the match's compatibility.


Enhanced Interaction Features

Enabling users to like individual sections of profiles, fostering more personalized and meaningful interactions.


Leveraging a robust tech stack the implementation was geared towards:

Signup Flow

Incorporated a comprehensive KYC process into the signup, asking detailed questions about faith and personality.

Navigation Design

Implemented a simple, one-click-away bottom navigation for essential app features: Home, Activity, Messages, and Account.

Home Screen

Designed for immediate access to matches and favorites, leading to detailed user profiles and notifications.

Activity and Messages

Created a unique activity feed for likes and views, and a messaging system for text, media, and audio communication.

User Profiles and Compatibility

Enabled liking of profile sections and detailed visual descriptions for compatibility factors.


With this engaging design Higher Bonds was able to grow significantly and by crafting a very effective UX/UI design, streamlining the user journey, and optimizing the matching process Higher Bonds was able to became the main player in his segment.


Higher Bond sets a new standard in Christian dating apps by prioritizing faith-based compatibility and fostering deeper connections through thoughtful design and innovative features. With Quila work and guidance the app's unique approach to onboarding, matchmaking, and user interaction creates a more meaningful and engaging experience for Christian singles.

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